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Photo gallery
Here are just a few of the custom machines created by EMT, Inc.  
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Auto Router Front.jpg (25038 bytes) Auto Router Elec.jpg (24634 bytes) EMTGemcor.JPG (62471 bytes) EMTPanelPos.JPG (65428 bytes)
Automatic Routing Machine used in the manufacture of aircraft windows Electrical Panel of Automatic Routing Machine

Special Elevating Table used in conjunction with an Automatic Riveting Machine

 6-Axis Panel Positioner for riveting operation of large aircraft skins

EMTTrailer.JPG (58843 bytes) EMTtsrs transfer car.JPG (72596 bytes) EMTPolish Cell.JPG (69020 bytes) EMTScafold.JPG (59020 bytes)

 Tilting Trailer for large aircraft skin transporting

Elevating Transfer Car for Drill Cell Storage and Retrieval System

Inside of Automatic Skin Polishing Machine

Special Track Mounted Scaffold

EMTtsrs unload.JPG (73697 bytes) Emtraj.JPG (67364 bytes) EMTtsrs hl.JPG (76437 bytes) EMTWaxRec.JPG (45932 bytes)
Load/Unload Station for Drill Cell Storage and Retrieval System Tool Storage and Retrieval System for Rivet Assembly Fixtures  (120 Fixtures are stored vertically and are extracted from either side.)  Drill Cell Storage and Retrieval System  (Pictured here is the track system at one of three Gantry Machining Centers.) Control Panel for an Automatic Wax Recovery System